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Tracing Venice

Victor Cadene

Paper worker

At the age of 13, Victor Cadene met artist Edwige Delcambre, who taught him how to work with colour, as well as the history of furniture and the decorative arts. She also encouraged him to go to the School of Applied Arts in Valencia, the only school he ever attended. Victor subsequently moved into scenography and interior design. He now creates miniature worlds out of paper using the techniques of drawing and collage. These compositions are, as he describes, “sets from my imagination”. His inspirations for these fantasy worlds include Matisse, the timeless and colourful city of Milan, Neapolitan churches, Livio de Simone and the 2009 film Amore.


Each element of Victor Cadene’s creations is drawn by hand before being cut with a scalpel, refined, retouched, positioned and finally glued. The techniques of drawing on paper and collage allow Victor to build his creations until he finally finds a perfect balance. “It is an intuitive, spontaneous and ornamental process.” Victor’s drawings become models that are brought to life through his decorative projects. He came across this technique naturally, building on one experience to reach another.

Objects Magnae Chartae Exhibition Contact
Château de Graville, les communs 77670, Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine, France
+33 648770480
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