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Tracing Venice

Steen Ipsen


Steen Ipsen's life’s work is to explore the combination of form and decoration. “My intentions at the beginning, and still nowadays, are to create a set of rules for combining basic geometric shapes where form and decoration work together to obtain an optical effect,” he explains. One of the most talented ceramicists of his generation, Steen was born in Naestved, Denmark, and was only 18 years old when he was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy in 1984. A common thread in his work is geometric patterns based on mineral and organic growth principles such as cell division, cell fission and crystallisation. His signature sculpture series is called Tied-Up and features joined, monochrome glazed spherical shapes, that are tied up with coloured strings of PVC or leather.

Objects Next of Europe Exhibition Contact
Galerie Provence, Charles Lindberghs Vej 5, 9430 , Vadum, Denmark
+45 51275458
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