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© Sabrina Transiskus
Tracing Venice

Sabrina Transiskus

Paper worker

Paper artist Sabrina Transiskus won't stop working on something until she feels she's made it as good as it can be. Her tools are very simple: a segment blade cutter, some glue and her own hands. She cuts everything herself in what is perhaps a rather old-fashioned way of working, but it's very important to her since she considers it part of the creative process. For example, she may be taken in a different direction than planned if a piece of paper that was supposed to go in the bin ends up looking better than the actual cut-out. Sabrina believes that people who create something with their hands put a little bit of their soul into their work, and it's this that makes handmade products such an antidote to our fast-moving, ready-made consumer world.

Objects Magnae Chartae Exhibition Contact
Kattenberg 122, 2140, Antwerp, Belgium
+32 484518684
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