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Tracing Venice



Established in Venice in 1889, the family-run company now in its fifth generation, designs, creates, and produces high quality furnishing products, in particular fabrics. Rubelli is emblematic of the extraordinary expertise of Italian fabric designers and textile artisans, using traditional techniques to produce hand-made fabrics as well as innovative technology for more sophisticated textiles. Their stunning collections include luxury fabrics such as damask, velvet, brocade, and silk. Rubelli fabrics are found in the most exclusive private homes, international hotels, private yachts and cruise ships, world-renowned theatres, castles and museums in the world.


The fifth Rubelli generation is now managing the company, and as they did generations ago, they set the trends in the world of textiles. The company is known for its rich history of fabric production and has become an integral part of Venice’s heritage. While its identity is firmly grounded in its rich history and tradition, this is a history in which the company has continuously set new trends and broken with established barriers. The process of creating the Rubelli collections is born of a constant search for new sources of inspiration, drawn from the historical archive or company library, which is augmented over time through new and ongoing acquisitions.

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