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Puddle Chupacos- Chupacharcos

Inspired by pitchers found in the Mediterranean basin, dating to 4000BC, the chupacharcos are designed to extract and transport water from small streams and ponds by using the effect of gravity to suck up clean water whilst decanting the solid material. Each piece has been turned by hand, with local clay, according to the techniques used in Úbeda for generations. After decorating with cobalt and glazing, they were fired in a Hispano-Arabic wood-fired oven.

Detailed Features

Type: Vessel
Dimensions: 29 H x 20 W x 14 D cm; 29 H x 23 W x 16 D cm; 32 H x 21 W x 12 D cm; 31 H x 26 W x 20 D cm
Material: Clay
Date: 2020

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