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Tracing Venice

Nolvenn Le Goff

Paper sculptor

Although Nolvenn Le Goff started her work as a paper sculptor in 2010, the French-Mexican artist’s love of paper goes back to her childhood and has only increased ever since. After founding Talent Lab in 2014, a gallery and studio space in Barcelona, the craftswoman decided to embrace a new challenge in 2020 by moving to Payzac, France, where she set up her studio at La Maison des Artistes. She is passionate about a craft that is highly demanding in time and patience; to achieve such a level of precision requires a strong vision, meticulous hands and talent. Aspiring to show that another way of living is possible, she aims to inspire positive change through her art, which she believes can touch the soul.


Nolvenn Le Goff draws her technical inspiration for her creations from a wide range of techniques such as kirigami, embossing and bas-relief, while adapting them to her own needs. Over the years she has mastered her particular ways of working with these techniques, making them her own, somewhat distanced from traditional use. Patience is also one of her greatest talents, as some creations require well over 200 hours to finish. Nolvenn has spent many years of her life in Mexico, where artisans are known for their creativity and their capacity for resolving situations with limited means. This has become central to her projects, giving her an invaluable tool to deal with varied situations and requirements, allowing her to adapt existing techniques to her particular requirements.

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Place du Marché 24270, Payzac , France
+33 766887524
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