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Tracing Venice

Nicolai Bergmann

Flower designer

Tokyo-based Danish flower artist, Nicolai Bergmann, is best known for his method of placing flowers in boxes, a technique that started and rose to prominence in Japan. At 16, he enrolled in a three-year programme at a technical school in Denmark to study his floristry through theoretical teaching and internships. Following his studies, he planned a trip to Japan where he had intended to work on a cruise ship. He applied and received an answer telling him to apply again when he was 23 or 25. Looking elsewhere, he found a position at the Hama Florist boutique where he worked for seven years, opening two shops while he worked with them. In 2005 he opened his own eponymous brand. He did so in two locations with a seven-person team. This has since grown and now there are over 200 full-time employees with an equal number of part-time employees working in over 20 locations.


The act of giving flowers is an age-old one. In 2000 Nicolai developed a completely new form of sending flowers by placing them in boxes. This product took Japan by storm and quickly became a reference for sending flowers. Nicolai Bergmann continuously innovates the age-old practice of giving flowers, whether in the composition of a flower bouquet, the flowers used or the form in which it comes.

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