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© Giulia Camba
Tracing Venice

Marcella & Daniela Sanna

Tessile MedusaWeaving

Tessile Medusa studio, founded in the 1960s in Samugheo and taken over by Marcella Sanna in 2004, is one of most well-known weaving ateliers in Sardinia. It is known for its carpets, delicate curtains, precious tablecloths and fabrics that are not only manufactured for private households but also for hotel industry. The atelier boasts important hotels on the Costa Smeralda among its customers. Over time, the company’s small manual looms have been followed by larger semi-mechanical looms. Currently, alongside traditional production, the atelier carries out an innovative research of decorative designs, colours and images.

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Via Antonio Gramsci 151, 09086, Samugheo, Italy
+39 3483713085
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