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Tracing Venice



MACHEIA was founded in early 2020 by product designer Lucrezia Papillo and architect Iany Gayo. The project was created with the aim of connecting ancient craft techniques with the next generation of designers. Determined to redirect design skills into shaping a new generation of creators, MACHEIA’s action focuses on an informed and sustainable continuity to these traditional crafts and a conversation around these endangered techniques.


Bunho (bulrush), both the plant and the homonymous endangered technique, sparked the designers' quest to zoom in on the ecosystem that surrounds these subjects. What are the meanings behind this reproduced knowledge? Which stories can be told around them and which new forms can they take?

Motivated by the goal of preserving and reinventing ancient techniques, MACHEIA uses an analytical experimental approach towards the fibres and their characteristics as well as the applied techniques. Either in the weaving process or in designing new outcomes, the constant drive is to challenge new perspectives and possibilities - bringing to the present ancient appreciations and connection to our surroundings.

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