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© Kalin Daskalov
Tracing Venice

Kalin & Ivo Daskalov


Kalin Daskalov - Stopan is a self-taught bookbinder based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In his craftwork, he draws inspiration from the structures of native manuscripts but mixes them with finer Western techniques and materials. He strives to translate the book from a craft to an art object by placing it in a new, fantastical Bulgarian context. This dialogue with a broken tradition finds an image through the author's texts and engravings on handmade paper, bound in multi-layered artworks in book form.

Ivo Daskalov makes fittings and clasps from precious metals and gemstones, mounted later on his son's books. Each piece of silver is sculpted from his original design and formed by his hand. The intuition-led teamwork produces true works of familial collaboration.

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Chataldza 20, 1504, Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 877819905
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