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© Giuseppe Giudici
Tracing Venice

Giuseppe Giudici

Orologi Senza TempoSundial maker

Giuseppe Giudici was a teenager fond of painting and the fine arts, when an encounter with gnomonics led him to fall in love with the discipline. Now he’s a self-taught craftsman with over 30 years of experience. He creates sundials in marble, stone, bronze, steel and other solar timekeeping devices, such as armillary spheres (astrolabes) in steel for exteriors. Since a solar clock quadrant is the mathematical projection of the celestial vault, every sundial is site-specific, to grant a chronometric precision: a gnomon indicates the time of the day by casting a shadow as the sun moves across the sky. Giuseppe takes care of every phase of the project, the scientific, technical and artistic elements which include astronomic calculations, production, installation and decoration.

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Via G. Parini 9/C 22046, Merone, Italy
+39 3389942295
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