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© Francois MARECHAL
Tracing Venice

Franck Benito

Crystal glass engraver

The history of Franck Benito's company, Cristal Benito, is one worthy of its own book, which happens to have been written recently. The story started when his grandfather José Benito arrived in Paris from Spain in 1925 and, with his brother, set up a workshop in Paris making perfume bottle stoppers. He placed his two sons, 14 and 16 years of age, in a crystal-cutting workshop and they later taught the craft to their father, who opened the company in 1952, specialising in unique, hand-cut pieces in crystal. They later moved into their own workshop – the same one Franck Benito works into this day. Benito continues to expand the range of Cristal Benito creations, designing new models or revisiting existing ones, using the techniques passed on by his father.

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