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Tracing Venice

Valérie Tanfin


Valérie Tanfin comes from a long tradition of plumasserie, the art of feathers. Only a handful of people still master these ancestral techniques. Valérie learned them from some of the most renowned workshops in Paris: Maison Lemarié and Maison Février. From the most detailed design to the most gigantic and extravagant creations, her skills and talent turn feathers’ endless shapes and colours into astonishing pieces of art. In the course of her career, she has worked with legendary fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and even the mythical Moulin Rouge. In 2015, Valérie opened her own workshop in the southwest of France where she focuses mainly on haute couture, opera costumes, interior design and restoration of historic pieces.


Valérie works with feathers in every shape and form, from the tiniest to the most gigantic ones. Concerned about endangered species, she strictly follows the Washington Convention and only uses common feathers like duck, pheasant or ostrich. Her craft intends to sublimate nature's beauty, turning the most ordinary thing into something extraordinary. After carefully selecting each feather, the artisan cuts, dyes, freezes, glues or sews them, depending on the project. Each feather is manipulated about five times before being ready, and a single piece of art can contain thousands of them. Through ancestral techniques, Valérie aims to create dreamlike contemporary pieces that exude luxury.

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58 avenue de Gascogne, 31490, Léguevin, France
+33 645900163
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