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Tracing Venice

Serge Mouangue


Cameroon born Serge Mouangue was motivated by his studies in Art, Design and Architecture in Paris. With international professional experiences in Exploratory Design, Innovation and a diversity of artistic projects, Serge embraces the widest scope of creation in art and industry. Having exhibited in major art museums in the world, propelled by his curiosity with relation to the refinement intrinsic to Japan, Serge sought the opportunity for firsthand experience. Living, working and creating in this unique environment inspired Wafrica, the natural expression of his origins evolving through cultural dialogue.
Founder, and Art Director for Wafrica 和フリカ (2008), Serge Mouangue has been discretely exploring west african and Japanese esthetics creating an unknown value territory: the “3rd aesthetic”, through textile, sculpture and art performance.

Objects Details: Genealogies of Ornament Exhibition Contact
13 Rue Vigneronde, 95100, Argenteuil, France
+33 658393148

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