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Tracing Venice



The history of Murano glassmaking dates back to the Roman period, but the golden age of this exquisite craft started at the beginning of the Twentieth century when many artists and designers started to collaborate with Murano traditional artisans. It is in 1923 that Antonio, Giuseppe, Vincenzo and Umberto Nason, four brothers, founded NasonMoretti, a glassmaking firm that highly contributed to the evolution and international success of this craft, identifying a more contemporary Venetian style. Glasses, vases and the other creations of the NasonMoretti workshop are indeed the result of superb traditional skills, handed down from one generation to another: preparing the colours, blowing and modelling the glass, cooling it in the “tempera” furnace, refining the creations. But throughout its whole history, NasonMoretti succeeded in combining tradition with research, innovation and contamination, thanks to select collaborations with artists, designers as well as with some of the most prestigious fashion, luxury and jewellery brands.

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