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Tracing Venice

Maxime Goléo


Maxime Goléo is a designer, cabinetmaker and sculptor based in Bordeaux, France. He graduated in design from the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts and in cabinetmaking from the Revel School of Art, Wood, and Furniture. Maxime crafts unique or limited-edition contemporary solid wood furniture that is halfway between furniture and sculpture. Interested in nature, tension, articulation and movement, Maxime moves away from geometric and rectilinear shapes towards organic, sensual and refined lines. Fascinated by the influence of objects on the individual, Maxime’s objects are designed to be seen, touched and felt. Through their bold and expressive shapes, his objects provoke emotions that invite user interaction with a visual and tactile sensory experience that goes beyond the functional aspect.


After his studies, Maxime Goléo undertook a five-month artist residency in Bangkok, where he discovered and learned a new way of working with wood, by listening to the material, improvising, following his intuition and his feelings. These working gestures are the real treasure of cabinetmaking and Maxime seeks to pass them on by making his furniture with them.

Objects The Artisan: a crafted tea room Exhibition Contact
11 rue du port, 33800, Bordeaux, France
+33 6 45 29 75 09

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