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Tracing Venice

Lucas Fabro


At the age of 21, Lucas Fabro decided to leave his native Buenos Aires, where he had a steady job and a loving family, and cross the Atlantic ocean in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a violin maker in the town of Stradivari. He settled down in Cremona, where he graduated from the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Antonio Stradivari and was then trained by master violin maker Daniele Scolari. He opened his own workshop in 2018, and was soon appreciated by an international clientele for the quality of his production. Being a man of his generation, Lucas has a YouTube channel where he shares his craft with people all over the world. “In this way,” he explains, “musicians can know more about the instruments they play and everyone can explore this wonderful art.”


Lucas makes violins, violas and cellos in Cremona, Italy, where he works alone from scratch on each instrument using techniques and tools similar to the ones used over 400 years ago. He has a keen interest in the physics of the instruments and the importance of this for the acoustics. Each handmade top and back has its own individual and specified arching to enhance the sound quality of the instrument. Varnishing is an integral part of his process as he uses his own recipe, having selected the different components matching his style of construction to get the highest quality of sound for his instruments. During the set-up, Lucas pays strict attention to detail, making certain that each instrument is always well balanced, with the perfect equilibrium between the strings.

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