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Tracing Venice

Barbara & Luca Spini


Luca and Barbara Spini learned to work and to read wood in their grandfather’s Florentine workshop when they were young. They used to spend their summers there. They began to appreciate the art of rediscovering ancient knowledege. Within the walls of the workshop, they learned how to gild ancient frames and mirrors. They are the third generation to continue the art that their grandfather began in the 1930s. The idea of working with classical shapes and ancient techniques merges with the desire to keep a link with the past. It’s not only a matter of history, but also of identity. The fact that they are pursuing this art form in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance tradition, makes it more special and pertinent.

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Via di Casellina 61, 50018, Scandicci, Italy
+39 055751304
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