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Tracing Venice

Anna-Karina Raga

Fabrique NomadeJewellery maker

Anna-Karina Raga has worked in Venezuela as a jeweller since she was 22 years old. Passionate about her work, she likes to create jewellery pieces by mixing different materials, stones and whatever else she can find. Anna-Karina started making jewellery by working together with a seamstress. Her jewellery pieces are very diverse: the artisan might make a base of a bracelet in crochet, to which she adds elements in different materials, such as silver, copper and aluminium threads, textiles and semi-precious stones (crystals, pearls, quartz, fish scales, shells). She uses a variety of techniques to combine these materials into unique creations.
Anna-Karina completed her training at La Fabrique Nomade in 2019, and since then she has worked as an independent jeweller.

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