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Tracing Venice

Christos Christidis & Michalis Maidatsis

CHRISMA58Fan making

Christos Christidis, who initially studied law, and Michalis Maidatsis, who was an architect, started working together in 1987 when they created their first functional objects (lamps, boxes, screens) using cardboard as their main material, for various shops in Thessaloniki and Athens. The two artists believe that our surroundings are what gradually end up defining us. In this sense, the aesthetic improvement of everyday life is a source of inspiration for them. Their interest in construction has led them to interact with various artists, mainly painters, enriching their knowledge at multiple levels. “Working as a team means having a mirror in front of you, both for the good and the bad,” they say.

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58 Kallidromiou Street, 11473 , Athens, Greece
+30 2103302223
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