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© Studio Libertiny
© Studio Libertiny
© Studio Libertiny
© Studio Libertiny

Tomáš Libertíny

  • Wax worker
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Tomáš Libertíny Wax worker
English, Slovak
By appointment only
+31 643228284
© Miro Nota

Honeycomb sculptures

  • • Tomáš uses conceptual design to tell stories
  • • Bees are his collaborating partner
  • • He likes to pay homage to the past

Through his conceptual art, Tomáš Libertíny explores the beauty and intelligence of nature, as well as existential themes. One of his special and imaginative projects involved constructing beehive scaffolds in the shape of an amphora with the head of Nefertiti and a huge teapot, to entice bees to build their honeycomb upon them, layer by layer. The results are tactile, deceivingly delicate-looking honeycomb sculptures, in the same shape as the original scaffold. Tomáš defines himself as an artist who “dresses up intellectual investigations into aesthetic presentations.” He draws on research, artistic curiosity, and architectural model-making skills honed while working for the architect Rem Koolhaas, prior to setting up his own studio in 2007.

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  • © Titia Hahne
  • © Studio Libertiny
  • © Studio Libertiny
  • © Jos Kottmann
  • © Francesco Allegretto
Photo: © Titia Hahne

Made in collaboration with 60.000 honeybees, invited by Tomáš to build their beeswax honeycombs around the skeleton of the bust of Nefertiti. The bust is based on the 3D model of the original portrait of the Egyptian queen. It is a testament to the strength and timelessness of Mother Nature.

Length 23 cm
Width 36 cm
Height 50 cm

Photo: © Studio Libertiny
Everything Fades

The small honeycomb vase was originally made by bees in the same way as all Tomáš' collaborations with bee colonies. In the tradition of the lost wax casting method, the wax sculpture was transformed into silver losing some definition and details along the way. The original beeswax sculpture melted leaving the memory of the natural artifact in silver which was later gold plated.

Height 15 cm
Diameter 11 cm

Photo: © Studio Libertiny
The Honeycomb Amphora

This “made by bees” artwork is based on the famous Nolan amphora type from the MET museum. These mainly featured red-figure ornamentation (warriors, gods, myths, and rituals). The column is made of reclaimed weathered wooden beehives that interlock at various angles. The totem serves both as a pedestal as well as an imaginary altar.

Length 47 cm
Width 42 cm
Height 147 cm

Photo: © Jos Kottmann
The Unbearable Lightness

Suspended on four chains and a hook, the small cabinet is a clean-room unit built from custom aluminium profiles, glass sheets and plastic inserts. 40.000 worker bees were released into the case to complete a wax honeycomb structure over the figure of a martyred Christ rising out of the chaos, his weight seeming to be upheld by the mass strength of the swarm.

Length 122 cm
Width 250 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: © Francesco Allegretto
Seed of Narcissus

A play of contrasts and fragility. The glass that is used as the underlying structure is industrial and man made, whereas the beeswax produced by introducing thousands of bees to construct it, is a purely natural material. Contrast manifests through hard and soft materials that are ultimately united in their shared fragility.

Length 95 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 40 cm

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