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©Simona Girbou
©Simona Girbou
©Simona Girbou
©Simona Girbou
Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou

Simona Girbou

  • Bizar Concept
  • Jewellery maker
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Rising Star
Simona Girbou Jewellery maker
Romanian, English
Monday to Friday 11:00 - 19:00
+40 728899962
©Simona Girbou

Eclectic jewellery

  • • Simona creates her pieces from recycled metals
  • • She opened her studio, Bizar Concept, in 2019
  • • In her work, she combines traditional and modern techniques

Having fallen in love with the craft a few years ago, Simona Gîrbou turned her passion for jewellery making into a business shortly after graduating from a contemporary jewellery course in 2017. The positive feedback she received from customers at jewellery fairs encouraged her to open her own workshop two years later, a place where those interested in her work and trainees are always welcome. She is a certified gemologist and loves the traditional techniques of granulation, fusion, filigree, and enamelling. In addition to the courses that she has attended over the years, Simona also learned from the masters she met during her travels to Thailand and Indonesia, where she had the chance to create traditional handcrafted jewellery using forging, stamping and welding techniques.

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  • Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
  • Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
  • Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
  • Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
  • Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
Photo: Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
Long circle earrings

One of a kind long earrings made of silver plated selectively with gold and amethyst. The earrings have a patina applied to them for an authentic vintage look. The earrings have a unique texture, obtained by reticulation.

Height 6.4 cm
Width 2.4 cm

Photo: Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
Dream earrings

One-of-a-kind silver earrings with shiny peridot selectively plated with 18 carat gold. The earrings have a unique texture, obtained by reticulation.

Height 2.4 cm
Width 2.4 cm

Photo: Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
Nest ring

This adjustable silver ring is plated with 18 carat gold and a small white natural pearl in the centre. Two traditional techniques were combined to make the ring. The flower was hand carved and cast using the lost wax technique and the ring was created by hand making, fusion and reticulation.

Diameter 2.4 cm

Photo: Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
Touch ring

This silver ring is embellished with a London Blue Topaz and a Swiss Blue Topaz. The ring is made by hand through fusion forging and reticulation techniques, and finally went through a process of selective gold plating and oxidation.

Height 3.2 cm
Width 3.5 cm

Photo: Daniel Ene©Simona Girbou
Peony ring

This gold ring has a Madeira citrine in the centre. The ring is inspired by the shape of peony flowers. It was entirely carved by hand and made using the lost wax technique; the central stone was mounted at the end of this process.

Diameter 2.7 cm

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