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©All rights reserved
©Sigurd Bronger
©Karl Ivan Frøstad Nes
©All rights reserved

Sigurd Bronger

Sigurd Bronger Jewellery maker
Norwegian, Dutch, English
By appointment only
+47 90516868
©Karl Ivan Frøstad Nes

The engineering artisan

  • • Sigurd’s work defies definition
  • • He made a brooch from gallstones
  • • He exhibited at Galerie Ra for 37 years

Imagine merging the skills of a master goldsmith with a fascination for scientific instruments of the Renaissance and an uncompromising commitment to artistic renewal, and you may just be able to imagine the works of Sigurd Bronger. For 40 years his passion for craftsmanship and endless curiosity has driven him to seek new forms of expression on the borderline between jewellery, art, design and engineering. Sigurd’s highly conceptual work defies definition and has always baffled his fellow Norwegians. It has more in common with contemporary art than decorative jewellery and goldsmith art. Though clearly an artisan, Sigurd himself prefers the title of “engineering artist”.

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  • ©Sigurd Bronger
  • ©Sigurd Bronger
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©All rights reserved
Photo: ©Sigurd Bronger
Carrying device for a cardboard box

This brooch was handcrafted in silver, gold plated brass and cardboard.

Width 6 cm
Height 7 cm
Depth 2 cm

Photo: ©Sigurd Bronger
Carrying device for mother's gallstones

This brooch was handcrafted in gold plated brass, steel and mothers gallstones.

Width 10 cm
Height 7 cm
Depth 7 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Carrying device for a Tiger Nautilus shell

Ring featuring a natural Tiger Nautilus shell set on a golden ring with steel suspensions.

Width 3 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Magnifying brooch

Gold plated brooch with steel suspensions and mineral glass lens.

Width 5 cm
Height 7 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Carrying device for Tectus Niloticus shell

Elegant brooch featuring a natural Tectus Niloticus shell on a gold plated brass and steel structure.

Width 7 cm
Height 8 cm

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