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©Sanda Vuckovic
©Makiko Murase
©Makiko Murase
©Makiko Murase

Margarida Fernandes

  • Ceramicist
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Master Artisan
Margarida Fernandes Ceramicist
Portuguese, English
By appointment only
+351 912398399
©Vera Marmelo

Patience and perseverance

  • • Margarida creates refined porcelain pieces
  • • She studied design and transitioned to making
  • • She doesn't consider ceramics a "yoga craft"

When Margarida Fernandes graduated in Product Design from Lisbon’s Fine Arts Faculty, she knew that she also wanted to learn ceramics and master the whole process from designing to making. Finding an apprenticeship opportunity in Portugal proved difficult so she looked abroad and joined a renowned ceramicist in Denmark. “This experience and another internship in the Netherlands shaped my future”, she explains. Back in Portugal, a job in tile restoration enabled Margarida to buy her first kiln, tools and open her own studio. Her creations revolve around daily life in the kitchen; seeking beauty in simple, thin and delicate objects. Her pieces have been exhibited as far away as Tokyo, a sign of recognition and proof that perseverance can overcome all obstacles.

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  • ©Sanda Vuckovic
  • ©Sanda Vuckovic
  • ©Sanda Vuckovic
  • ©Makiko Murase
  • ©Makiko Murase
Photo: ©Sanda Vuckovic
Light Green set

This set of tableware is made up of porcelain pieces intended for everyday use. The set includes a plate, egg cups, coffee cup and bowl. The composition shows that Margarida Fernandes’s pieces can be used together very easily with their similar aesthetic.

Photo: ©Sanda Vuckovic
Jars and Vases (MEDIA NR 3 + FUNIL)

This porcelain jar and vase are shaped in geometric sold forms. The symmetric form of the white porcelain vases contrasts with the organic shape of the flowers that could be placed within them.

Diameter 13 cm
Height 24.5 cm
Diameter 21 cm
Height 13 cm

Photo: ©Sanda Vuckovic
DOSE bowl

This set of bowls is part of Margarida Fernandes’s DOSE collection. The set combines plates DOSE, DOSE21 and 1/2DOSE. These bowls are perfect for soups or breakfast with granola. Children can use this bowl very easily, because the bottom is flat and the borders are high.

Diameter 15 cm
Height 5.5 cm

Photo: ©Makiko Murase

In Portuguese, "Esbelta" means: slender, slim or thin. This word describes everything about this set of slender glazed porcelain coffee cups.

Diameter 9.5 cm
Height 6.5 cm

Photo: ©Makiko Murase
DOSE plate

After 1/2DOSE plates, Margarida Fernandes created this plate to be used as the principal dish. The plate can be created in plain white, with colours achieved with metallic oxides, blue lines can be added or even speckled blues, depending on the mood and the season in the studio.

Diameter 23 cm

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