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©Antonio Colonna
©Antonio Colonna
©Antonio Colonna
©Antonio Colonna
©Antonio Colonna

Antonio Colonna

  • Jewellery maker
  • Altamura, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Antonio Colonna Jewellery maker
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3498490787
©Antonio Colonna

Storytelling jewels

  • • Antonio creates bespoke jewellery pieces
  • • He uses cutting-edge digital tools
  • • His methods retain the goldsmithing tradition

Antonio Colonna's passion for goldsmithing began when he was only a child. He devotes his time to creating jewellery that is at the forefront of modern technology. Studying, experimenting and working both in factories and in workshops, Antonio learned the great tradition of goldsmithing in Florence and Valenza Po, while at the same time looking for his own way. Nowadays he is a celebrated master goldsmith, a 3D designer and an expert technician in artistic metalworking. He specialises in casting, setting, burin engraving and chiselling. Antonio came back to his native Apulia to open his own workshop, where, through his alchemic approach, he makes bespoke pieces for clients. He develops “narrative jewels”, pieces crafted to tell unique stories: “By cutting the costs of production, digital technology is the new frontier of exclusiveness: customisation can be for all”, he says.

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  • ©Antonio Colonna
  • ©Antonio Colonna
  • ©Antonio Colonna
  • ©Antonio Colonna
  • ©Antonio Colonna
Photo: ©Antonio Colonna
Nido (Nest)

This is an engagement ring, 3D designed with a low-polygon rough paper effect, made using the lost wax casting technique and burin engraving. The contemporary stylised nest, with the stone set as an egg at the centre, is a narrative jewel, symbol of a love story to be passed down through the generations.

Length 2.4 cm
Width 3.3 cm
Height 4 cm

Photo: ©Antonio Colonna
Boccioli (Buds)

This bespoke ring, 3D designed, was made with the lost wax casting technique, by engraving and burin stone setting, with a polished traditional Florentine style fillet. There are engraved rose gold crowns and intertwined white gold buds embroidered with burin engraving and with natural diamonds.

Diameter 3.2 cm

Photo: ©Antonio Colonna
La Natura (Nature)

Here is one of Antonio's bespoke rings, 3D designed, and made using the lost wax casting technique and burin stone setting, with a traditional polished fillet. It is a customised jewel with a gold spiral, natural diamonds and an oval Colombian emerald mounted with vertical griffes.

Diameter 3 cm

Photo: ©Antonio Colonna
Sassofoni (Saxophones)

These bespoke earrings, 3D designed, were crafted using the lost wax casting technique, burin engraving and traditional hand assembly. Realistic miniature saxophones, they were custom made at the request of a female saxophone player.

Length 0.8 cm
Width 2.3 cm
Height 3.8 cm

Photo: ©Antonio Colonna
Le Sirene (Sirens)

Here an engagement pendant, 3D designed, was made using the lost wax casting technique, engraving and burin stone setting with traditional polished fillet. This narrative jewel is the symbol of a unique love story, as it represents two mermaids holding a crown of natural diamonds that supports a lemon quartz.

Length 1.5 cm
Width 2.3 cm
Height 4.9 cm

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