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©Ferrero Maria Sole
©Ferrero Maria Sole
©Angelo Lussiana
©Ferrero Maria Sole
©Angelo Lussiana

Angelo Lussiana

  • Cardboard&Design
  • Paper sculptor
  • Giaveno, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Angelo Lussiana Paper sculptor
Italian, English, French
By appointment only
+39 3494438686
©Ferrero Maria Sole

Creations in cardboard

  • • Angelo designs and crafts lamps and other objects from cardboard
  • • He is a tireless explorer of new technical solutions
  • • He is obsessed with engineering and smoothness

Even when he was a bank clerk and a financial promoter, Angelo Lussiana had always been using his manual skills to make things. He started with crafting his own pieces of furniture, then he dedicated himself to creating objects of any kind, until one day he discovered the potential of cardboard. Since then, this self-made artisan never stopped exploring – and finding – new technical solutions to demonstrate that this humble material has great potential. Engineer, designer and craftsman of his pieces, Angelo creates lamps, furniture and other objects witnessing that cardboard can be not just a natural and extremely affordable material, but also a very resistant and reliable one, ideal to express his creativity and technical acumen.

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  • ©Angelo Lussiana
  • ©Angelo Lussiana
  • ©Angelo Lussiana
  • ©Angelo Lussiana
  • ©Angelo Lussiana
Photo: ©Angelo Lussiana
Vintage CWS-T1 car

This uncoloured cardboard box, model colour Havana, can be assembled to take the form of a Polish veteran car. The box contains six cardboard sheets with 68 laser pre-cut pieces, all numbered for an easy and intuitive assembly. The two axles for the wheels are supplied and can be found in a hollow between the boards.

Length 33 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 18 cm

Photo: ©Angelo Lussiana
Brigitte handbag

Brigitte is the first of Angelo Lussiana’s cardboard handbags. They are the result of the application of a particular cardboard processing, of his own creation, the "cardboard fabric" – soft, velvety to the touch and flexible. It can be waterproofed externally with normal suede sprays and is lined internally with a sheet of tetra pak and, as a finish, the split of the skin used to cover the handles and side gussets.

Length 35 cm
Width 13 cm
Height 32 cm

Photo: ©Angelo Lussiana
Spiral lamp

Spiral is a wood and cardboard table lamp, designed by Erica Attuoni. The base, made of solid oak, machined with numerical control, houses a spiral obtained from a sheet of "cardboard fabric", a material derived from a special cardboard processing of Angelo Lussiana’s own conception. The lighting body is inserted in the wooden block, a 12cm circular LED panel, 7W for a flux of about 450 lumens.

Length 20 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 42 cm

Photo: ©Angelo Lussiana
Gaudi coffee table

This low living room or office coffee table is entirely made from sturdy FSC-certified cardboard made with pulp from recycled material and itself recyclable. The top is made up of a series of cubes arranged according to different cutting directions to create light and shade in imitation of a chessboard. The frame around this central part descends to the sides, merging at the edges to form the four legs, characterising the table with these lines.

Length 90 cm
Width 58 cm
Height 40 cm

Photo: ©Angelo Lussiana
Intrecci vase

This wide indoor vase can be used as furniture, for inserting plant ornaments, as a cache pot or as a base for a living room lamp. Intrecci vase is entirely made from cardboard, 80 percent of which are recycled materials. The light and dark effects of the intrecciato pattern are given by the clever arrangement of each individual piece, which exploits the different directions of their internal flutes to capture or repel light.

Length 47 cm
Width 47 cm
Height 72 cm

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