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©Thomas Pildner
©Thomas Pildner
©Thomas Pildner
©Thomas Pildner
©Thomas Pildner

Thomas Pildner

Thomas Pildner Woodturner
German, English
By appointment only
+49 1784666243
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A sensory experience

  • • Thomas is primarily self-taught
  • • He combines wood turning with sculpting
  • • For him, creation is a sensory symbiosis

Thomas Pildner's passion for the material of wood and his urge to create, to reconnect head and hands, send him along a path to becoming a craftsman. Since 1998 he has been experimenting with wood and its possibilities. Then in 2005, at the time a successful manager in the aviation industry, Thomas decided to focus on the craft of wood turning and leave his management career behind. Self-taught with the occasional guidance of luminaries of the craft such as Peter Gwiasda and Mike Tingey, as well as the sculptor Eberhard Müller-Fries, he developed unique techniques that break with traditional rules of wood turning in order to materialize a comprehensive sensory experience from a piece of wood. His works have been exhibited at Kloster Eberbach in Eltville, Zeughausmesse in Berlin, and at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. In 2023, a solo exhibition celebrated Thomas' work in Bad Homburg.

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  • ©Thomas Pildner
  • ©Thomas Pildner
  • ©Thomas Pildner
  • ©Thomas Pildner
  • ©Thomas Pildner
Photo: ©Thomas Pildner
No. 20-03

This large sculptural vessel is made from the pink wood of the sequoia tree. Like much of his work, Thomas Pildner draws his inspiration from nature. The massive body is turned from one piece of wood. In a second step, the flower-shaped recesses are carved out by hand. Finally, the surface is textured by brushing along the annual rings.

Height 26 cm
Diameter 56 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Pildner
No. 19-36

This large spherical sculpture is handcrafted from dark walnut wood. The inner area is deliberately kept small. The object is turned, the surface finely sanded, oiled and polished several times. Thomas Pildner draws his inspiration for his work from nature. His work is completed when it honours the tree and is perceived not only as a container, but as an object that stands for itself.

Height cm
Diameter 28 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Pildner
No. 20-04

This sculpture is turned and hand carved from walnut wood. The thick-walled object was turned and the recess was then worked freely. The special thing about this piece was the original position of the blank in the tree. This comes from exactly the point where the main trunk has split into two trunks.

Height 20 cm
Diameter 46 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Pildner
No. 19-31

This sculpture is turned and carved from the wood of a walnut tree. In profile, the lens can only be seen from two perspectives. The two inner surfaces are not connected to each other. From the top view they can be seen as unconnected, yin and yang. The object was turned, freely modulated and the surface finely sanded, oiled and polished several times.

Height 16 cm
Diameter 34 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Pildner
No. 20-128

This sculpture is turned and hand carved from the wood of a walnut tree. The massive body was first turned and then freely modulated. The originally turned circular shape can only be seen from the top view. Inspired by the elegance and appearance of rays.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 47 cm

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