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©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
©Erwan Kerneur
©Erwan Kerneur
©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
©Thomas Brac de La Perrière

Thomas Brac de la Perrière

Thomas Brac de la Perrière Engraver
French, English
By appointment only
+33 637497909
©Erwan Kerneur

The ornamental engraver

  • • Thomas masters hand engraving and micro sculpture
  • • He worked with an art dial maker in Geneva
  • • There are more than 2,000 tools in his workshop

Thomas Brac de la Perrière is a heraldic engraver. He opened his workshop in 2018 after working in jewellery and watchmaking for 12 years. He decorates and restores baptism medals, engagement rings, wedding rings, signet rings, watches, and musical instruments. Having trained as a designer at the École Émile Cohl in Lyon, he specialised at the prestigious École Boulle in Paris as an ornamental engraver, Thomas can now claim the dual competence of designer and engraver. Between the responsibility of perpetuating a centuries-old heritage and mastering cutting-edge technological tools, he harmoniously combines past and future through his chosen craft.

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  • ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
  • ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
  • ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
  • ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
Photo: ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
The wolf and the mountain

This 18-k yellow gold signet ring is engraved by hand with the image of a howling wolf in front of a chain of mountains. Thomas Brac de la Perrière’s main job is to engrave family crests on gold signet rings, so he is always quite happy to be able to suggest other possible designs that always result in unique pieces. The motif of the wolf and the mountain were chosen by the client.

Length 2.3 cm
Width 1.4 cm
Height 2.5 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
Akrone K-04 Métier d’art 001/100

Akrone is a young French watchmaking Maison who chose to adorn 100 of their watches with a Japanese motif engraved by Thomas Brac de la Perrière. The idea was to "tattoo" the watch and show French technique at an affordable price. All 100 watches were sold in a few hours on Kickstarter and Thomas considers himself lucky enough to own watch 100/100.

Length 4.5 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 1 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
Hand-engraved stamp

This hand-engraved stamp features a coat of arms designed with Leonardo da Vinci's motto: "Ostinato Rigore". Thomas Brac de la Perrière created the piece during a national engraving competition. This is the first time that he made such a big coat of arms, and it was a great exercise to progress. Thomas still has a lot to learn and improve, but he believes this to be the same for all craftspeople. Here there is the wax impression which allows to see the details of the engraving made in negative in the matrix.

Length 4 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: ©Thomas Brac de La Perrière
Wizu Washi - Sea Bird

Personal project of design and realization of an automatic watch "craft of art". After having worked for a long time for Fine Watchmaking in Geneva, Thomas Brac de la Perrière wanted to make his own watch showing his skills as a designer and craftsman. Thomas started with an ETA 2892 mechanism and an existing case. He had to learn to disassemble a mechanism and reassemble it to propose the dial that he wanted. Thomas found a technique allowing to imitate the aventurine stone in painting. He likes this type of project which symbolises a period in the life of a craftsman.

Length 5 cm
Width 4.5 cm
Height 1.4 cm

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