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©Mercedes Herrán
©Mercedes Herrán
©Mercedes Herrán
©Mercedes Herrán
©Mercedes Herrán

Susana Gutiérrez Babío

  • Sweet Sue Ceramics
  • Ceramicist
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Rising Star
Susana Gutiérrez Babío Ceramicist
Spanish, English
By appointment only
+34 676018673
©Mercedes Herrán

Served on the table

  • • Ceramicist, Susana, produces tableware for restaurants
  • • Her work is a reflection of two lands: the Basque Country and Valencia
  • • Her pieces seek to project the passion that chefs have for food

From the first time she worked with clay at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Susana Gutiérrez Babío fell in love with the material: its malleability and the ease with which she could register the imprint of the different tools she used and how these tools influenced the final result. Today, her work consists of making high-end tableware for renowned chefs in the Basque Country and their respective restaurants. Her porcelain tableware "screams stories", her utilitarian pieces are vehicles to express and transmit feelings and concerns. They are full of content and narrative. According to her, the key to succeeding in this craft is to have patience, willpower and to never stop learning.

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  • ©Mercedes Herrán
  • ©Mercedes Herrán
  • ©Mercedes Herrán
  • ©Mercedes Herrán
  • ©Mercedes Herrán
Photo: ©Mercedes Herrán

This handcrafted porcelain bowl, Ina, is one of seven pieces from Susana Gutiérrez Babío’s Humana collection. The collection aims to create real and symbolic relationships between ceramics, crafts and the body. The various pieces were formed using moulds from different parts of the bodies of seven women. Ina was formed using a mould of the knee of one of the women who modelled. That woman's name is Ina.

Length 16 cm
Width 17 cm
Height 8.5 cm

Photo: ©Mercedes Herrán

Buna is a porcelain cup designed to enjoy a calm and unhurried coffee. It does not have a handle, but a small air chamber between its walls helps to not burn your hands and to receive the warmth of the coffee, while you caress the smooth, bare and polished porcelain exterior.

Height 9 cm
Diameter 9 cm

Photo: ©Mercedes Herrán

Amama means "grandmother" in Susana Gutiérrez Babío’s home region, the Basque Country. This porcelain tableware is a tribute to her grandmother. She always put the same china tableware set, cobalt-painted, on the table at all family celebrations. Susana loved these plates. Through this set she has brought those memories to the present, with a softly shaped tableware, but with an energetic cobalt stroke, like her grandmother, a lady with character.

Height 3.5 cm
Diameter 22 cm

Photo: ©Mercedes Herrán

Guijarros, which translates as shingle, is a porcelain tableware set made exclusively for the Valear restaurant, located in Valencia. This restaurant mixes the typical gastronomy of the Valencia region with the gastronomy of the Balearic Islands, two regions linked by the Mediterranean Sea. The memory of the small shingle beaches, shaped these two pieces, which are used in the restaurant to serve their daily menu.

Length 37 cm
Width 19 cm
Height 3.5 cm

Photo: ©Mercedes Herrán
With you, bread and oil

This small piece of porcelain, named Contigo, pan y aceite, which translates as "With you, bread and oil", was made for the restaurant 2 Estaciones, which is located in Valencia. The dual spirit of the restaurant is represented in the piece, which reflects the people in charge of the restaurant who are a couple with complementary and very marked personalities. The piece arose from the Valencian custom of serving oil with bread, two essential elements in the Mediterranean diet.

Length 17 cm
Width 9 cm
Height 1 cm

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