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©Nora Kovats

Nora Kovats

Nora Kovats Jewellery maker
German, Afrikaans, English
By appointment only
+49 (0)15256529936
©All rights reserved

A balancing act

  • • Nora specialises in painting and enamelled jewellery
  • • Her creations are local and universal
  • • She embraces the spontaneity of enamelling

Since her early childhood days in South Africa, Nora Kovats has been surrounded by crafts. “In my family there was always this sense of being able to learn to make anything you really apply yourself to, and then honing and perfecting that craft, and finding a deep sense of meaning in doing so. "Thus, the decision to specialise in one small but mesmerising aspect of apparel: the adornment of our bodies with precious and story-laden objects we call jewellery, came as no surprise. During six years of studies in goldsmithing and metalwork at the University of Stellenbosch, completed with a Master’s degree under Carine Terreblanche, Nora developed her unique visual language that brings together botanical structures with the ephemeral magic of enamelling which she has continued to cultivate ever since.

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  • ©Nora Kovats
  • ©Nora Kovats
  • ©Nora Kovats
  • ©Nora Kovats
  • ©Nora Kovats
Photo: ©Nora Kovats
A Conscious Garden

This enamel brooch is handcrafted from hand-sawn patterns folded up to create floral, organic-looking shapes. The metal, shaped from copper and sterling silver, is kiln enamelled in mottled greens, yellows, and transparent blues. Finally, the piece comes to life, assembled into a wearable composition using a selection of gems and black pearls.

Length 8 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: ©Nora Kovats

This meditation object, handcrafted from enamelled copper and sterling silver, resembles a large pomegranate with window-like openings in its enamelled ‘shell’, revealing a glistening jewelled interior. The exterior shows ruby reds and pinks bleeding into each other with a mossy, greenish tinge on the edges: colour effects created by more than twenty layers of enamel in the kiln. Its interior houses a treasure of hand-sawn sterling silver leaf patterns, studded with gemstones and pearls.

Length 18 cm
Width 17 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: ©Nora Kovats
Open Red Garden

Open Red Garden is a statement ring, shaped with an intricate floral lattice, hand-sawn from blackened sterling silver and copper, crowned by a conical enamel piece. Carefully executed layers of enamelling result in green-yellow flecks melting into a reddish-purple background, edged with fiery leaves painted in lacquer. This method of enamelling creates spectacularly unpredictable patterns, making every piece quite unique.

Length 5 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 4.5 cm

Photo: ©Nora Kovats
Closed Red Garden

This enamelled pendant, handcrafted from enamelled copper and oxidised sterling silver, layers three beehive-like perforated patterns over one another to create a complex spherical lattice. The exterior is shaped by two deep red semi-spheres, enamelled with layers of crimson, bordeaux and a sprinkle of chrome yellow, and clasped together by a silver ‘middle pane’.

Height 4 cm
Diameter 4.5 cm

Photo: ©Nora Kovats

The Pearlcatcher pendant cages a precious cream-coloured Japanese Akoya pearl at its centre in such a way that it may move freely but never fall out. The lentil-shaped pendant’s exterior is meticulously crafted from hand-sawn silver and luminous blue enamel, dotted with miniature heliotrope-pink speckles. Its perforated pattern of small oval openings allows for a glimpse of the pearl inside.

Height 2.5 cm
Diameter 3.5 cm

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