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© L'oseraie de l'île
© L'oseraie de l'île
© L'oseraie de l'île
© L'oseraie de l'île
© L'oseraie de l'île

Karen Gossart & Corentin Laval

  • L’Oseraie de L’île
  • Basketweaver
  • Barie, France
  • Master Artisan
Karen Gossart & Corentin Laval Basketweaver
French, English
By appointment only
+33 685037155
© L'oseraie de l'île

Willow ways

  • • Karen & Corentin grow several hectares of willow on their land
  • • They work with about 20 varieties of willow
  • • The couple collaborate with others, including interior architects

Karen Gossart and Corentin Laval met at a craft market and have been together ever since. It is the simplicity behind willow basketry that drew them both to this art. Corentin first learned the technique of "bouyricou", a traditional basket from the Périgord, while Karen discovered her love for the craft at a training course in Ireland with master basket weaver Joe Hogan. For them, cultivating is as important as creating, which led them to take over a farm in south-west France where they grow their own willow. From harvest to weaving, Karen and Corentin work the material in its fullest form. Through L'Oseraie de l'île, they explore the limits of their technical know-how in a series of fine modern objects, subtly intertwining their distinct skills.

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  • © L'oseraie de l'île
  • © L'oseraie de l'île
  • © L'oseraie de l'île
  • © L'oseraie de l'île
Photo: © L'oseraie de l'île

In this creation, Anfractuosité (which translates as 'crevice'), the willow weaving focuses on the material to shape forms with different reliefs that remind us of Rocky Mountains with soft cavities. It is made of raw willow, in a tight weave. This piece was made jointly by Karen and Corentin.

Length 130 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 68 cm

Photo: © L'oseraie de l'île

This wall piece is made of willow, woven in a spiral with the traditional "bouyricou" basket technique. It is a variation on this technique that shifts the appearance to a lace-like form and accentuates its graphic aspect. This spiral technique requires a particular regularity, it is the favourite technique of Corentin and an emblematic piece of his work.

Diameter 100 cm

Photo: © L'oseraie de l'île

This piece is made up of two parts: an envelope made of openwork weaving with elegant curves. It then opens into a jar-shaped piece whose weave is very tight. This creation reflects the specific technical skills of both artisans: Karen starts with the shape of the curve, she gives the movement, while Corentin continues with a detailed work of the material.

Length 35 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 42 cm

Photo: © L'oseraie de l'île
Handbags & Catajours

This series includes several baskets of a generous and elegant shape. Some of them are worked in a very fine, tight weave, while the others are worked in a very open weave, which are called "catajours". The baskets are embellished with ropes or leather handles. These are Karen's signature willow baskets, she makes these baskets regularly.

Length 50 cm

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