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© Pietro Sutera
© Jule Mangels
© Jule Mangels
© Jule Mangels
© Jonas Nitsch

Jonas Nitsch

Jonas Nitsch Cabinetmaker
German, English
By appointment only
+49 (0)1783254577
© Jule Mangels

A contemporary wood bender

  • • Jonas bends wood using an old technique
  • • Complexity lies behind his deceptively simple furniture
  • • He combines tradition and innovation to create contemporary pieces

It is only due to the unfortunate circumstance that Jonas Nitsch didn’t find an apprenticeship as a guitar maker that he decided to become a carpenter instead. A very fortunate twist of fate, in retrospect. “I learned my craft in a very small company making high quality solid wood furniture under Daniel Solfrank and Christoph Zimbehl. They sparked an enthusiasm in me that motivated me to continue to learn.” Afterwards, Jonas continued his path in the workshops of the cabinetmakers Peter Hook in Weinheim and Charles Beresford in Wangen. “There I was able to deepen my knowledge and technical abilities,” he says. He also found the courage to believe in his own designs, which ever since have been recognised by numerous prizes. His pieces can also be found in the collection of the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt.

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  • © Jonas Nitsch
  • © Angelina Dalinger
  • © Jonas Nitsch
Photo: © Jonas Nitsch

The Ta-imo coffee table is inspired by the traditional technique of wood bending with hot steam. After being heated in a special steam chamber, the ash wood is bent into a round shape. While this specific technique is about 200 years old, Jonas Nitsch’s intention is to create a modern piece of furniture with minimal construction elements.

Height 42 cm
Width 95 cm

Photo: © Angelina Dalinger

The two elements of this handcrafted table, the tripod legs and top, complement one another graphically. The three legs, made from laminated wood, are inserted into the tube of the top piece and held in place by the table’s own weight. The legs pierce through to the top and appear as an interesting detail. Jonas Nitsch drew his inspiration for the piece from branching trees; the shape of the frame splits from a main strand into three parts.

Height 48 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: © Jonas Nitsch

This hi-fi cabinet and CD shelf are handcrafted from old traditionally made oak wine barrels. The wood has been soaked with wine over the years and thus gained an unmistakable hue. The shape of the barrel stave is clearly visible on the shelves, while the legs of the hi-fi cabinet also have the same elegant curve. The wine theme is continued by the colour of the sliding door, which is covered with wine-red linoleum. The creation showcases both the finesse of furniture making as well as the craft of the barrel makers.

Height 60 cm
Width 120 cm
Depth 48 cm

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