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Jens Nettlich

Jens Nettlich Metal caster
German, English
By appointment only
+49 17643122672
©Rose Wittmer

Dancing with the elements

  • • Jens uses various materials and forms
  • • He feels connected to 5000 years of tradition
  • • His techniques are ancient but his expression is modern

It was in the very moment when the young Jens Nettlich witnessed how a sword was forged for the first time, that all his interests came together in one place. “I was passionate about the early days of mankind, antiquity, stories of gods and heroes. Enthusiastically I read Prince Ironheart and what I saw now, directly corresponded to the images in my mind”. The decision was made “I wanted to be able to do something like that as well, it was almost magical”. Consequently, in 2000 he completed his education in metal design and opened up his own workshop just a year later. Jens Nettlich’s creations manifest in various different materials and shapes, ranging from knives to sculptures, but they all are united by excellent craftsmanship.

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  • ©Stefan Ahlborn
  • ©Jens Nettlich
  • ©Jens Nettlich
  • ©Jens Nettlich
  • ©Stefan Ahlborn
Photo: ©Stefan Ahlborn

This whale-shaped knife stand can serve as a usable ornament in a kitchen as well as in a modern office. The knife stand is hand shaped from Damascus steel.

Height 16 cm
Width 9 cm

Photo: ©Jens Nettlich
Snack (Brotzeit)

This hand forged and very sharp knife made of a special brass alloy is ideal for working acidic foods such as onions, apples, citrus fruits, leeks, garlic and tomatoes as well as herbs. Due to the copper in the blade, the blade is antibacterial and acid-resistant.

Length 30 cm

Photo: ©Jens Nettlich
Black and white wine cups

The archaic appearance of these wine goblets is visually impressive. The strength needed to make these cups glowing is clearly visible in the forged-bronze facets. The silver-plated interior of the cups contrast strongly against the dark forged bronze exterior. Their large size is perfect for the wine, keeping it at the correct temperature while oxygenated for a long period.

Diameter 12 cm

Photo: ©Jens Nettlich
Wolf tooth

This boot knife can be worn as a simple but elegant, and usable piece of jewellery. The blade of the knife is hand forged from Damascus steel, from over 50 thousand layers of hammered metal. The handle is shaped from fossilised mammoth ivory as well as the sheath that also contains leather.

Photo: ©Stefan Ahlborn

This matt bowl was hand shaped from wrought bronze. Jens Nettlich designed and created the bowl, intended as a decorative element for one’s table.

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