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©James Lethbridge Glass
©James Lethbridge Glass
©Ester Segarra
©James Lethbridge Glass
©James Lethbridge Glass

James Lethbridge

  • Glass sculptor
  • Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Master Artisan
James Lethbridge Glass sculptor
By appointment only
+32 494308673
©James Lethbridge Glass

Catharsis through glass sculpture

  • • James uses flameworking to compose glass objects
  • • He is inspired by the intricate complexity of life
  • • His patience is crucial in his practice

Originally choosing a life in ceramics in his native Yorkshire, James Lethbridge soon grew dissatisfied and turned to glass. In 2007 he graduated with a master's degree in Glass & Ceramics from the RCA in London. “I am primarily self-taught through persistence, trial and error, and stealing skills with my eyes,” he says. Now based in Antwerpen, James makes vessels, sculptures and chandeliers with the flameworking technique he has developed and innovated. In working with glass, “you understand that you can bend the material to your will, to such an extent that you can express your designs and concepts”. In his case, designs and concepts are a surrealist natural world, with microscopic pollen, twisting vines and unseen vortexes, the infinite complexity of life.

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  • © James Lethbridge Glass
  • ©James Lethbridge Glass
  • ©Ester Segarra
  • ©Ester Segarra
  • ©Ester Segarra
Photo: © James Lethbridge Glass
Jovian Flower

This hand-blown, hollow spherical form with an attached tentacle was produced with waste glass, and UV bonded, hand flameworked borosilicate components.

Photo: ©James Lethbridge Glass
Acanthus Veronese

This is a footed, rounded jar with a lid, gilded in 24 carat gold leaf and additional hand flameworked, UV bonded, borosilicate components. It is currently owned by The European Museum of Modern Glass, Roedental, Germany.

Photo: ©Ester Segarra
Four Acanthus Veronese

These are oval-shaped, hand-blown vessels with a stopper lid in multiple colours, and additional UV bonded, hand flameworked components.

Photo: ©Ester Segarra
Empoli in Blue

A vintage apothecary jar in cobalt blue with pedestal and lid, this piece is gilded with silver leaf internally, and has additional UV bonded, hand flameworked borosilicate components.

Photo: ©Ester Segarra

This is a spherical virus creation, made with UV bonded, handmade borosilicate spike components.

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