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©Rita Korsika
©Rita Korsika
©Rita Korsika
©Ivan Botvinkin

Ivan Kravchenko

  • Ceramicist
  • Kedrovaya-Sibirskaya, Russia
  • Rising Star
Ivan Kravchenko Ceramicist
©Rita Korsika

From robotics to ceramics

  • • Ivan founded an art residence on lake Baikal
  • • He makes ceramic patches that cover potholes on roads
  • • He is passionate about teaching his craft

Ivan Kravchenko studied robotics and mechatronics at university, but sitting through long mathmatics classes he would draw in his notebook. So he left technical school and enrolled in two art courses instead. He became fascinated by painting, but his new connections led him to his first job at a pottery workshop. Since then Ivan has gone a long way and is now famous in Irkutsk not only for his ceramics, but also for founding a recreation centre and art residence on lake Baikal called Ustie. It is a place where artisans and artists can implement their projects and tourists can see masters work and learn from them in workshops.

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  • ©Ivan Kravchenko
  • ©Ivan Kravchenko
  • ©Ivan Kravchenko
  • ©Ivan Kravchenko
  • ©Ivan Kravchenko
Photo: ©Ivan Kravchenko
Cezve from the Forest set

The idea behind this set by Ivan Kravchenko is the connection between the forms made by a master craftsman and the chaos of nature. Pieces of this set are connected to tree branches and roots by their shape.

Height 13 cm
Width 9 cm

Photo: ©Ivan Kravchenko
The Fog set

This set is inspired by the fog in the town of Irkutsk in Russia. Ivan Kravchenko wanted to hide the strict geometric forms behind the blurred colours. The bases are cut in a way that makes it look like they are floating in the air, like fog.

Height 10 cm
Width 8 cm

Photo: ©Ivan Kravchenko

These vases were made by Ivan Kravchenko for a restaurant. They are made in a Greek style, white with dark triangular motifs at the base of the vases.

Height 12 cm
Width 6 cm

Photo: ©Ivan Kravchenko
A salad bowl for mom

This forest-green bowl by Ivan Kravchenko was actually made as a gift for his mother.

Height 24 cm
Width 12 cm

Photo: ©Ivan Kravchenko
Blue set

In 2018, Ivan Kravchenko made many different sets that were each supposed to be in juxtaposition with each other, in terms of coherence of colour and form. This set of cups is part of that series and is of a navy blue colour.

Height 11 cm
Width 8 cm

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