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© Bart Buro
© Bart Buro
© Bart Buro
© Inna Pedan
© Bart Buro

Inna Pedan

  • Furniture maker
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Master Artisan
Inna Pedan Furniture maker
Ukrainian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+380 506690689
© Bart Buro

The shape maker

  • • Inna is a professional industrial designer
  • • She follows the values of the traditional Kharkiv school of design
  • • She is passionate about natural materials and working with form

Inna Pedan was destined to work with shapes. A student of renowned Kharkiv artist and designer Ihor Ostapenko, she started her own studio right after graduating from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in 2003. A true master of a form, Inna is an innovator of furniture design and creates objects that reflect her inner personality. With an abundance of original shapes and unconventional approaches, Inna’s works combine utilitarian aesthetics with philosophical undertones that are intertwined in lines and curves. Her objects are characterised by a distinct plasticity and constant shape explorations. She is also active in the teaching field being a lecturer at her Kharkiv alma mater, as well as working with children aged from 6 to 15 years in her studio.

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  • © I. Avdieienko
  • © I. Avdieienko
  • © I. Avdieienko
  • © I. Avdieienko
  • © I. Avdieienko
Photo: © I. Avdieienko
Catch the stork

The stork is a symbol of new life. In Slavic culture, to catch a stork means to get the right to continue the family line. It is always a story for two. Like the lamp, uniting people, their feelings, expectations and emotions around a point of light. This elegant light fixture is built in the philosophy of the classic art object. Its symbolic qualities transform the functional features of the lamp into a story about happiness.

Length 100 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 55 cm

Photo: © I. Avdieienko
Memories of the Future

This sculptural object handcrafted from bamboo fibre and metal is created with a technique of free design. The design is based on open lines, which model a functioning form with the help of several curves. Its potential is quite wide: from a conventional fruit vase to a still life piece.

Length 400 cm
Width 36 cm
Height 280 cm

Photo: © I. Avdieienko
For You

This sculptural form, handcrafted from strips of plywood, is an example of universal design. Its visual properties manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the environmental objectives set by the designer. As a hanging screen or panel, the object focuses its plastic potential on the texture of the material, the rhythmic pattern of the wooden 'canvas', and the light and shade features of its interaction with the interior.

Length 235 cm
Width 150 cm
Height 21 cm

Photo: © I. Avdieienko
Rain or Snow

This sculptural piece consists of two components: a horizontal plane "washbasin" and a bionic "faucet". The components coexist within the common emotional mood, where the expectation of action anticipates the reaction of the form, the material, the viewer. The root, an allusion to splashing water, crashes against the flat surface of the basin. Its morphology emphasizes the regularity of the form's return to its original state.

Length 134 cm
Width 65 cm
Height 160 cm

Photo: © I. Avdieienko
Bathing the Horse

Active sculptural objects occupy a special place in modern design. Handcrafted from beech wood, plywood, leather and metal, Bathing the Horse is another allusion to childhood. As a wooden rocking horse for adults, this object is clear to use. Its morphological simplicity and the integrity of the construction are unquestionable.

Length 308 cm
Width 90 cm
Height 90 cm

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