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©Martina Kirchmair
©Marco Maria Polloniato
©Martina Kirchmair
©Helene Kirchmair
©Foto Stanger

Helene Kirchmair

  • Ceramicist
  • Tulfes, Austria
  • Rising Star
Helene Kirchmair Ceramicist
German, English, Italian
By appointment only
©Martina Kirchmair

Illusions of texture

  • • Helene was selected to exhibit at the Ceramics Biennale
  • • She keeps her very first sculpture as a reminder of creative freedom
  • • She enjoys experimenting with new materials

Helene Kirchmair started her ceramic career at the age of 30. After working experiences in Scotland and Italy, she honed her skills by attending a ceramic school and guest studies at the Institute for Artistic Ceramics and Glass in Germany. Helene has an affection for using and transforming what already exists, and so integrates mixed media, ready-made and found objects into her ceramics. Clay, however, always remains her dominant and preferred material. “The pieces acquire a new value through their altered function and are placed in a new context,” Helene says. “It is a game of appearances and reality. With sense and nonsense.” For her, excellence in quality means that aesthetics, originality, execution and functionality have come together.

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  • ©Helene Kirchmair
  • ©Foto Stanger
  • ©Helene Kirchmair
  • ©Helene Kirchmair
  • ©Helene Kirchmair
Photo: ©Helene Kirchmair

The vessel-like shape of the ceramic sculpture is hand built of pressed, soft clay tubes of varying heights. They give it an organic character and are in contrast with the monochrome, cream-white glaze.

Photo: ©Foto Stanger

These two decorative bowls are slip cast in stoneware clay. Their surface is very complex with individually attached applications and slip. It is kept in the original colour of the material so that the play of light and shadow comes into its own.

Photo: ©Helene Kirchmair
Killing me softly

Killing me softly shows Helene Kirchmair's skill at draping wet stoneware clay into a vessel shape that appears to be made of soft fabric. This ceramic artwork is kept in the original creamy white colour of the material.

Photo: ©Helene Kirchmair
Performing vessel

Performing vessel is a unique handcrafted porcelain sculpture featuring an intriguing blue and white naturally grown salt finish. This piece is testament to Helene Kirchmair's ability and willingness to experiment.

Photo: ©Helene Kirchmair
Rocket Science Blue

Rocket Science Blue is a unique ceramic sculpture handcrafted from coils in stoneware. The round and globular bellied shape makes the object appear soft. The very elaborate surface is reminiscent of velvet or suede, which further enhances the image of a soft look.

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