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©Sara Tramarin
©Sara Tramarin
©Sara Tramarin
©Sara Tramarin
©Sara Tramarin

Federico Zambon

  • Kinilū
  • Lamp maker
  • Padua, Italy
  • Rising Star
Federico Zambon Lamp maker
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3486124573
©Sara Tramarin

Magic, plastic and light

  • • Federico specialises in working with polystyrene
  • • His lamps are lightweight, water resistant and fireproof
  • • Each design is the result of a journey into a world of fantasy

Passionate about painting and drawing, Federico Zambon has found a very innovative way to express his imagination and creativity: giving light to polystyrene. In 2016, he founded Kinilū together with Chiara Scantamburlo, who collaborates in the creation of decorations, stencils, special finishes and the running of the business. "I have always been fascinated by how things work. Ever since I was a child, I have taken apart and reassembled many objects to create new ones. My first approach to art started with tattoos, but I soon realised that the human body was not the right canvas for me. The encounter with polystyrene and lighting came almost as a game, and over the course of time I have managed to understand the limits and potential of this material. I believe that what makes my lights special is their poetic unconventionality."

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  • ©Sara Tramarin
  • ©Sara Tramarin
  • ©Sara Tramarin
  • ©Sara Tramarin
  • ©Sara Tramarin
Photo: ©Sara Tramarin

Refined, elegant and unique, Eva is a cylindrical floor lamp made of polystyrene and resin. The lampshade is decorated with polka dots of different sizes and it is available in three colours: black, stone grey and industrial green.

Photo: ©Sara Tramarin

Simple, delicate and enchanting, Hayley is a cylindrical floor lamp that will give any room a touch of elegance with its warm, sinuous light. The design is reminiscent of an hourglass and it is available in three colours: stone grey, cherry black and industrial green.

Photo: ©Sara Tramarin

Original and lively, the cylindrical floor lamp Juliette is perfect for bringing dynamism and life to our static everyday life. An explosion of colour, joie de vivre and fun. It is available in three colours: sky blue, autumn leaf, and biscuit.

Photo: ©Sara Tramarin

The cylindrical floor lamp Keith represents the union of ideas and styles for which Kinilū stands. The meeting of two apparently different worlds, united by a common element: art. Made of polystyrene and resin, the pattern that covers it recalls Keith Haring's drawings.

Photo: ©Sara Tramarin

Paul is a lamp in the shape of a tall cubic cylinder. Its sharp lines of light and colour deceive and catch the eye. Made in polystyrene and resin, it is available in four colours: cherry black, stone grey, industrial green, and copper green.

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