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©Carolina Rommare
©Carina Grefmar
©Ulrica Kestere
©Åsa Siller

Carina Grefmar

  • Upholsterer
  • Malmö, Sweden
  • Master Artisan
Carina Grefmar Upholsterer
Swedish, English, French
By appointment only
+46 (0)762471710
©Ulrica Kestere

Contemporary leather upholstery

  • • Carina switched careers to become an upholsterer
  • • She collaborates creatively with Louise Hederström
  • • She uses discarded leather pieces

Carina Grefmars' journey to becoming a furniture upholsterer involved a dramatic career change. She made a list of the things she enjoyed doing and what she thought she was good at, and ended up changing her professional life from being a pantry chef to a student in upholstering. A sudden decision which has brought her no regrets, she exclaims. She started her activity in 1999 and having had her own studio in Malmö since 2005 she is now well recognised for her specialisation in leather work and modern furniture classics, as well as prototype development with designers. She loves her profession and the endless possibilities of her craft. She enjoys creative collaborations and found a special one a few years ago, collaborating with designer Louise Hederström.

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  • ©Carolina Rommare
  • ©Carina Grefmar
  • ©Carina Grefmar
  • ©Carina Grefmar
Photo: ©Carolina Rommare
Masur pouf

Seating pouf made exclusively for Hostler Burrows gallery in NY. Limited edition of ten pieces. Collaboration with furniture designer Louise Hederström. The shape is inspired by the messy, non-perfect and characteristic forms found in a natural forest. The name Masur means “abnormally oriented cells” and is often associated with Masur birch, which is one of Scandinavia’s most precious woods, but also with the burl that were often used to make cups and bowls throughout history.

Width 100 cm
Height 90 cm

Photo: ©Carina Grefmar

Spore bench is created from leftover pieces of leather. To make better use of the hide Grefmar & Hederström explored diagonal cuts instead of the traditional way. Shapes from nature meet craftsmanship, design, upholstery and leather. The organic but distinct design works both in public and domestic spaces.

Width 1950 cm
Height 76 cm

Photo: ©Carina Grefmar
Ticka shelves

These shelves are created from leftover pieces of leather. This material was carefully selected for environmental and aesthetic reasons. In today’s leather processing industry, considerable amounts of the tanned leather are normally rejected. This scarred leather with its visible marks is precisely what is used for Ticka, giving the pieces more character and life. Ticka is organically shaped shelves and seats inspired by the forest fungus called polypore.

Width 21 cm
Height 44 cm

Photo: ©Carina Grefmar
Masur poufs

With the Masur poufs, Grefmar & Hederström continue their close collaboration, which began with shelves in their Ticka Project. Here they explore the sculptural possibilities of leather and creating seating with an organic expression. As always, focusing on high quality craftsmanship and resourceful use of discarded or third-rate leather from Swedish cows. The shape is inspired by the messy, non-perfect and characteristic forms found in a natural forest.

Width 100 cm
Height 90 cm
Width 70 cm
Width 65 cm

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