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©Karin Björkquist
©Sören Vilks
©Karin Björkquist
©Sören Vilks

Calle Forsberg

  • Ceramicist
  • Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden
  • Master Artisan
Calle Forsberg Ceramicist
Swedish, English
Thursday to Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
+46 733309065
©Sören Vilks

Throwing for tradition

  • • Calle discovered clay early but first chose a different career
  • • He describes rediscovering pottery as falling in love
  • • He says the field has changed significantly in the last decade

Stockholm-based ceramicist Calle Forsberg considers himself a potter in a long line of pottery makers and feels great pride in perpetuating this legacy. His ambition is not to innovate at all cost, but rather to honour and sustain that tradition, its ancient methods and aesthetics. His aunt is an established ceramicist who introduced him to clay early on in his life, but Calle became a teacher initially. Around the age of 30 he was prompted to change paths. Since the mid 1990s, he runs a studio in Nacka, east of Stockholm, where he creates tableware inspired by the heritage of East Asia. Calle enjoys the simplicity in shapes and glazes of that tradition. In recent years, he has witnessed a growing interest in handmade ceramics, spurred on by a demand from high-end restaurants.

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  • ©Karin Björkquist
  • ©Karin Björkquist
  • ©Karin Björkquist
  • ©Karin Björkquist
  • ©Karin Björkquist
Photo: ©Karin Björkquist
Bowl and jar

Here are two items from Calle Forsberg's collection: a ceramic bowl with a white glaze and a jar with lid in a brown glaze.

Diameter 25 cm
Diameter 45 cm

Photo: ©Karin Björkquist
Teapots on the shelf

Here is a shelf stacked with a variety of ceramic teapots, some of which have bamboo handle, others ceramic lids.

Photo: ©Karin Björkquist
Tea set

This is a ceramic tea set consisting of a teapot, cups, a small jug and side plates in a yellow glaze.

Photo: ©Karin Björkquist

This is one of Calle Forsberg's large ceramic bowls and this one has a yellow glaze.

Diameter 42 cm

Photo: ©Karin Björkquist

Three glazed ceramic teapots sitting in a window in a variety of sizes. One of them has a bamboo handle.

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