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© Darren Kane
© Darren Kane
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Anna Fanigina

  • Jewellery maker
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Master Artisan
Anna Fanigina Jewellery maker
Latvian, English, Italian, Russian
By appointment only
+371 2976388
© Anna Terzi

A dialogue with time

  • • Anna's pieces are inspired by antiquity and archaeology
  • • She founded her jewellery brand VERBA in 2010
  • • She has been awarded national prizes for her creations

Jewellery maker Anna Fanigina was born in Bulgaria, but her creative journey is entwined with Latvia. After receiving a bachelor’s in mathematics, she soon realised that her life was meant to be linked to art. Anna opened her first studio in 2000, but her current brand VERBA was founded in 2010. The stylistics of VERBA are inspired by antiquity, they are simple in form yet traditional in technique. The minimalistic style, love for a reserved colour palette and grey tones can be interpreted as Latvian influences. Each piece of jewellery has a meaningful and laconic inscription in Latin, encoding wisdom, thoughts and feelings that are transmitted to its wearer. Anna believes that “jewellery is not only a dialogue with the present, but also with the past and mostly with the future”.

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  • © Vladimirs Svetlovs
  • © Kaspars Teilans
  • © Vladimirs Svetlovs
  • © Vladimirs Svetlovs
  • © Vladimirs Svetlovs
Photo: © Vladimirs Svetlovs
Double children spoon

The Res (things) Collection reinvents the ancient tradition of decorating everyday things with memorable, protective, glorifying or even comic inscriptions. This collection embodies the philosophy and aesthetics of the brand, where clean lines, refinement and usability of the form are combined with semantic fullness.

Length 12 cm

Photo: © Kaspars Teilans

The ring was laser engraved in Ancient Greek ἄριστον μὲν ὕδωρ (Water is the best of all things) from Pindar's First Olympian Ode. Anna Fanigina received the Venice Design Week award for archaeology for this work, given to her by the director of the National Archaeological Museum of Adria, Alberta Facchi.

Photo: © Vladimirs Svetlovs

This collection of three brooches PRIMUS, SECUNDUS, TERTIUS is dedicated to Mark Rothko's art. Jewellery is made of silver, but the means of expression has become the interaction between natural and artificial materials - organic glass and semi-precious stones. Pink quartz, aquamarine, citrine versus coloured plastic inspired by Pompeii murals, with soft and bright shades.

Height 4 cm
Width 5 cm

Photo: © Vladimirs Svetlovs
Hexagon ring

VERBA (words) are Anna Fanigina’s main source of inspiration when making jewellery. Each piece of the collection features an inscription in Latin. The Latin inscriptions on the hexagon rings read: “Omnia transeunt, et id etiam transeat” ("everything passes and this will pass") and “Ignis aer aqua arbor terra metallum” ("fire, air, water, wood, earth, metal")

Width 5.5 cm

Photo: © Vladimirs Svetlovs

Jewellery from Anna Fanigina’s TERES Collection (Rounded) are like ancient messages polished by the ocean itself, carefully carried onto the shore; they are ready to make everyone happy who finds them. Special meaning of each piece can be discovered through Latin inscriptions – little mysteries written under the transparent lens of natural amethysts, aquamarines, topazes and rock crystals.

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