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Philipp Gröninger

Philipp Gröninger Silversmith
German, English
By appointment only
+49 26016849452
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Preserving culture in silver

  • • Philipp followed in his father's footsteps
  • • He trained in a monastery workshop
  • • He is a master goldsmith, silversmith and restorer

In a corner of his goldsmith father’s workshop, the young Philipp Gröninger had his own little workbench where he spent his childhood days immersed in working with precious metals and other materials. So there was never any doubt about what he wanted to become. “I never asked myself what I wanted to learn. It was given to me early on and it was always clear to me,” he says. He completed an apprenticeship with the monastery workshop in Vallendar and progressed to the rank of master silversmith and restorer. The astounding quality of his work is valued by the principality of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, and he has been recognised with awards including the Staats- und Förderpreis Rheinland Pfalz 2019.

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  • © Philipp Gröninger
  • © Philipp Gröninger
  • © Philipp Gröninger
  • © Philipp Gröninger
  • © Chadô
Photo: © Philipp Gröninger
Same but Different spoons

Philipp hammered these silver spoons till they achieved their final form. His intention was to create a design that looked archaic, where each irregular piece has its own distinctive personality.

Height 150 mm
Length 33 cm

Photo: © Philipp Gröninger

These cups were hand-raised from single sheets of silver following a traditional hammering technique. The process of reducing the diameter at the top of the cups is lengthy and requires great patience and precision.

Height 80 mm
Length 60 cm

Photo: © Philipp Gröninger
Cafetière (coffee press)

Seeking the best way to prepare coffee, Philipp discovered that the French press produced a drink that remained true to the complex aroma of the roasted beans. Crafted from hand-raised silver, with a wooden handle and lid, this inviting coffee press is perfectly suited to everyday use. The handle and spout are joined by an invisible continuous line.

Height 220 mm
Length 140 cm

Photo: © Philipp Gröninger
Grow cup

Growth is a theme that Philipp has explored throughout his work, understanding it to symbolise the development of an individual in space and time. Beginning from a single cell, it evolves through reproduction into something complex and unique, creating a personality with its own psyche. In the same way, a crafted piece develops throughout the production process until it reaches its final form. It becomes something special, individual and unique, like a human being, perhaps its owner.

Height 70 mm
Length 70 cm

Photo: © Chadô
Chadô teapot

The word chadô means “the Way of Tea”, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony that is much more than simply drinking a cup of tea. The ritual creates a place of calm, permitting an escape from everyday life by cleansing the mind and body. Inspired by this type of meditation, Philipp has reinterpreted the refined aesthetics of the ceremony with the subtle lines of this silver teapot. The lid can be moved to either side, and snaps into place thanks to a magnet.

Height 200 mm
Length 180 cm

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