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Lea Schroeder

Lea Schroeder Ceramicist
French, English, German
By appointment only
+352 691631709
© Lea Schroeder

Ceramic artist with a signature style

  • • Lea made her very first vase at the age of four
  • • Her works are inspired by her interest in different cultures and myths
  • • Creating is 'a supreme source of happiness' to her

Lea Schroeder began her career as a designer in the world of fashion and luxury goods. This is where she developed her passion for graphic motifs and colour, which are both very important in her work. However, over the years she became more and more drawn to another passion, ceramics. She uses the cloisonné technique, hand-painting all her ceramic objects and using wax to enclose the glaze, and designing patterns for each piece. “I innovate by mixing jewellery techniques and silk painting into ceramic sculpting, thus creating my signature style.”

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  • © Lea Schroeder
  • © Lea Schroeder
  • © Lea Schroeder
  • © Lea Schroeder
  • © Lea Schroeder
Photo: © Lea Schroeder
Golden Feather

Lea handcrafted three ceramic birds for the 2018 De Mains de Maîtres exhibition, imagining a story to inspire each piece. Here, a sacred bird with golden feathers is said to bring eternal happiness. The piece was meticulously decorated using the cloisonné technique.

Height 60 cm
Length 77 cm
Width 43 cm

Photo: © Lea Schroeder
Celestial Couple

This ceramic sculpture is one of three birds crafted for the 2018 De Mains de Maîtres exhibition. It tells the story of a couple of birds who fight day and night. One day, they wake up to find themselves locked into one body with two heads. The cloisonné technique was used for the meticulous motifs.

Height 42 cm
Length 35 cm
Width 35 cm

Photo: © Lea Schroeder
Soul Twins

Shaped in a mould, this vase was decorated with a face on each side, as if mirroring two souls in one body. Inspired by ancestral and modern tales, the vase was decorated using the cloisonné technique. The enamels reveal their final lustre after a second firing at 1050°C.

Height 22 cm
Length 15 cm
Width 15 cm

Photo: © Lea Schroeder

This conceptual series evokes the symbol of a kiss, “the safest way to keep quiet saying everything” (Guy de Maupassant). The hand-shaped terracotta and earthenware vases were first fired at 900°C then hand-painted using the earthenware cloisonné technique. The final lustre is revealed after the second firing at 1050°C.

Height 15 cm
Length 20 cm
Width 10 cm

Photo: © Lea Schroeder

The cloisonné decoration of this ceramic plate is an allegory for a human tribe with a single, unified heartbeat. The plate was shaped in a mould and fired at 900°C before Lea applied the decoration, then fired a second time at 1050°C to reveal the enamel’s lustre.

Diameter 40 cm

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