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© Imke Gantefoer
© Imke Gantefoer
© Imke Gantefoer
© Imke Gantefoer
© Imke Gantefoer

Marit Bindernagel

Marit Bindernagel Goldsmith
German, English
By appointment only
+49 15779060821
© Imke Gantefoer

Forging her path in life

  • • Marit is a master silversmith and goldsmith
  • • She specialises in forging
  • • She makes sculptural jewellery and tableware

“When I was at school I always thought you have to keep the things you really love as a hobby to be completely free,” says Marit Bindernagel. But then she had the opportunity to intern in the workshop of Wolfgang Otterpohl in Halle/Westfalen, where she realised that the opposite could be true. “The experience was completely different from the idea I had before; I learned that a profession can be a passion and that craft comes to life through that passion.” After training at the vocational school for glass and jewellery design in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz, Marit worked with jewellery makers Ulla and Martin Kaufmann for 11 years before opening her own workshop. Her work is poetic and minimalist, exemplifying excellence in craftsmanship.

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  • © Michael Joerns
  • © Michael Joerns
  • © Benjamin Frik
  • © Marit Bindernagel
  • © Marit Bindernagel
Photo: © Michael Joerns
Champagne beaker

These elegant champagne beakers were hand forged by Marit in fine silver. Due to the slimness of the form, the base was made heavy to give the beaker solidity.

Height 14.3 cm
Width 5.6 cm

Photo: © Michael Joerns
4Äste bracelet

This bracelet was hand forged and folded from one single piece of 925 silver. Lightweight and well balanced, it is easy to put on thanks to the clasp hidden in one of the folds.

Height 1.4 cm
Width 5.6 cm
Depth 5.6 cm

Photo: © Benjamin Frik
Katzenzungen necklace

This adjustable necklace was fully hand forged in rose gold. It is composed of long delicate loops with a satin finish.

Length 70 cm
Width 0.3 cm

Photo: © Marit Bindernagel
Däumling sugar spoon / Versunken sugar bowl

This sugar set was conceived as an item of table jewellery. The enamelled spoon was designed to ensure a comfortable grip while the hammered silver bowl was given an organic shape with a satin finish.

Length 6 cm
Width 3.7 cm
Height 0.7 cm
Length 8.5 cm
Width 8.5 cm
Height 5 cm

Photo: © Marit Bindernagel
Feine Prise sugar sprinkler / Schütte milk pot

This sugar and milk set was hand forged in fine silver. The oval bowl of the sugar sprinkler has a slightly curved lid which is suspended by two 'ears'. The sprinkler fits perfectly in your hand and dispenses sugar via a fine jet below the ears. The soft, organic shape of the milk pot contrasts with its clear, strong opening, which contributes to the pot's overall balanced shape and pleasing feel.

Length 6.7 cm
Width 5.5 cm
Height 2.9 cm
Length 5 cm
Width 7.5 cm
Height 10.5

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