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Angelika Stemer

Angelika Stemer Engraver
German, English, French, Luxembourgish
By appointment only
+352 621 747659
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Talent on the tip of a chisel

  • • Angelika is one of the very few women who engraves on weapons
  • • She uses just a simple burin or chisel, and a small hammer
  • • Her designs are all hand-drawn, without using stencils

Angelika Stemer always wanted to express her creativity through craftsmanship. She discovered how during a visit to the Federal Higher Technical School (HTL) in Ferlach, Austria, where the craft of gun makers and engravers has a very old tradition. “I decided without hesitation. I had to take an entrance exam, which confirmed I had enough talent to learn the profession,” she says. Today, Angelika creates her engravings by hand in her studio in Munshausen, Luxembourg. She decorates firearms, knives, jewellery, wedding rings and any other metal object. “Engraving is not merely a handicraft. It expresses a love of detail and a passion for tradition, and reveals the talent and skills of the engraver.”

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  • © Angelika Stemer
  • ©Krieghoff GmbH
  • © Angelika Stemer
Photo: © Angelika Stemer

A single sheet of silver, 2mm thick, was used to shape this pendant. After setting the gold inlay and engraving the surface, Angelika placed the piece in an oxidation bath which turned the silver black but did not alter the gold. A final polish brought out the rosette design. Angelika has adapted ancient techniques used to engrave firearms.

Diameter 4 cm

Photo: ©Krieghoff GmbH
System K 80

This system is part of a finely decorated shotgun depicting a hunting scene. Three bobwhite quail fly out of their cover when the dog disturbs them. Angelika used flat engraving on the steel surface and depicted the animals with gold inlay, also engraved in relief.

Height 4.5 cm
Length 12 cm

Photo: © Angelika Stemer

Bas-relief engraving adorns the surface of this steel belt buckle, inlaid in the centre with gold and silver inlays representing two entwined fish. The dominant gold fish is swallowing the silver one.

Height 4 cm
Length 7 cm

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