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Marin Montagut

  • Illustrator - Designer
  • Ambassador for Paris, France
Marin Montagut Ambassador for Paris, France

Putting beauty into everyday life

Marin Montagut is very attached to his creative freedom. After 15 years of adventures around the world and collaborations with renowned French maisons (including Pierre Frey, Diptyque, Le Ritz Paris, Roger Vivier, la Comédie Française and the Château de Versailles), this explorer and collector of rare objects launched his eponymous brand. In June 2020, Marin opened his first boutique. “I wanted to create a space that transports people into a Paris of the past, where every detail makes the dream more real,” he says. Marin's works are a true declaration of love to Paris and celebrate the different quarters of the city. He offers a Parisian art of living aesthetic in everyday objects. “I create the objects that are missing from my daily life,” he explains. He is the author of some exciting publications, such as the 2015 'Bonjour Paris!' guide designed as a real treasure map of the city, with destinations only real Parisians know. His second in 2018, 'Under the roofs of Paris', is a decoration book that he co-wrote about 15 Parisian apartments. In 2019 he designed, hosted and produced 'MAPS' in Paris Première, a chic magazine to discover his favourite places across the capital, and in 2021 his book 'Le Paris merveilleux de Marin Montagut' was published. It has since been translated into six languages.

What does craftsmanship mean to you?

Craftsmanship is synonymous with something being special and made by hand. It also implies taking time to make an object which has been thought of and made with love. Taking the time to make something means to love, and to love what one does. Craftsmanship means being able to understand how an object is made, from A to Z, how it was designed and put together. I am very touched by objects which I find in flea markets all over the world: in the past, manufacturing processes took more time and care. I like to collect the palettes of anonymous painters that I find at flea markets as they say a lot about the person who was using them and are like a beautiful abstract painting.

How does it feature in your work and life?

Craftsmanship is the basis of my work. My dream has always been to have a small workshop in Paris where everything is handmade. I go to my studio every day, I hand watercolours to my team, and they bring objects to life which are all painted by hand. We take the time to hand paint every single one of our glasses, and so each one is different. Our silk scarves, made in Lyon, are another form of traditional French craftsmanship, because Lyon is the capital of silk in France.

Do you work with craftspeople and how?

Each and every day and this is the best part of my job. We have 10 people in our atelier who are involved with every aspect of the manufacturing process of our objects. When I was younger, during my travels, I loved to discover artisans in Italy, Portugal and France and combine my savoir-faire as a watercolourist with their exceptional skills.

How would you define excellence?

Excellence is when an object speaks to you, makes your heart beat faster. Excellence means creating an object that was missing in my daily life, and to do this with love. All the objects in my boutique define my excellence. My logo consists of a heart and a hand, because all of my objects are made with love.



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