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Tracing Venice Curated by Zanellato/Bortotto, De Castelli

A tribute to the ancient mosaic floors of St Mark’s Basilica

Discover the centuries-old story of a city exposed to the elements

The iconic St Mark’s Basilica in Venice has weathered many storms over the years. As one of the most exposed areas of the lagoon city, it has been deeply affected by the rising tides and the 'aqua alta' phenomenon, which has resulted in the deterioration of its 12th century mosaic floor. This imaginative exhibition evokes the weathering of these mosaics over the centuries through specially made metal artworks whose imperfections tell the story of a city exposed to the elements. A tribute to the resilience of Venice and the patient and incessant restoration work carried out on its treasures over the centuries.

Beauty beneath our feet
Journey through the history of St Mark’s mosaic traditions

Experience the fascinating results of a creative collaboration between design studio Zanellato/Bortotto and metal projects factory De Castelli. State-of-the-art technology, outstanding craftsmanship and an experimental approach combine in a series of extraordinary metal artworks. Different geometric shapes, colours and textures create the form of a mosaic, while special finishes including oxidation, erosion and brushwork techniques convey the changes and imperfections in the flooring of St Mark’s Basilica caused by water and time. Taken as a whole, these evocative artworks remind us of Venice’s fragility and of the great importance of preserving and protecting this unique lagoon city.

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