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Porcelain Virtuosity Curated by David Caméo, Frédéric Bodet

The authentic beauty of porcelain

Renowned sculptors and manufacturers showcase porcelain

The 17th century Longhena Library provides a stunning backdrop for this celebration of contemporary porcelain craftsmanship. Porcelain Virtuosity reveals the inventiveness, innovative approaches and contemporary savoir-faire used to create beautiful objects from this ‘white gold’. The pieces on display, carefully selected from Europe and Japan, include artworks by ceramicists working independently in their studios, as well as objects made in partnership with internationally renowned porcelain manufacturers. Together, they illustrate the collaborative processes between designer and artisan and the different ways in which porcelain artists approach their craft.

Drawing on the past
Contemporary creation influenced by historical porcelains

European porcelain manufacturers founded during the 18th century were greatly influenced by the fashion at the time for collecting porcelains from Asia and the chinoiserie style in interior decoration. Discover how contemporary porcelain artists are drawing on these stylistic references and reinvigorating the spirit of the Baroque period and the Rococo style by creating artworks that brilliantly realign this decorative heritage with the modern era. Displayed alongside them are pieces reflecting other recent trends, their minimalist or abstract nature providing a contrast to Baroque extravagance while demonstrating equally sophisticated techniques. The result is a contemporary ‘cabinet of curiosities’ offering surprising contrasts and intriguing parallels.

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