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Presented by logo Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation
Pattern of Crafts Curated by Sebastian Herkner

Multiple interpretations of a single vision

Discover the importance of fine craftsmanship to interior decoration

Understand the many different interpretations that can come from one designer’s singular vision. Commissioned by German designer Sebastian Herkner, selected artisans from all over Europe present work inspired by the lace-lake octagonal pattern of the tiled terrace in front of the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore. Each artisan has used different techniques and materials – whether marble, glass, metal, textiles, tin or wood – to bring to life their individual interpretation of the pattern. Taken together, these diverse and dazzling works demonstrate how the expertise of artisans can serve the imagination of a designer in creating varied and beautiful pieces of interior decoration.

When talented hands transform
a rich variety of materials
Immerse yourself in materials, techniques and creative processes

Hung on the wall of the Barbantini Hall against a bespoke tapestry carefully crafted by the Italian maison Rubelli, these pieces tell a fascinating story of crafts and materials. Though each work features the same pattern, the different materials and techniques used result in highly individual interpretations. As well as exploring the artworks, visitors can go behind the scenes to see how they were created. Stories about the artisans and their creative processes illuminate the cultural heritage of each piece and its inherent links to the place where it was made, showing the very human nature of fine craftsmanship and its enduring contribution to interior design.

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