Homo Faber

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Presented by logo Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation
Mechanical Marvels Curated by Nicolas Le Moigne, Simon Kidston

Craftsmanship in movement

Celebrating Switzerland’s masters of mechanical art

Discover the world of mechanical art in this immersive exhibition which showcases an ambitious project involving design students from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne and master artisans from the Swiss town of Sainte-Croix, who are recognised by UNESCO for their skills and traditions in the field of mechanical art. Together, these students and masters have created five truly marvellous mechanical installations which demonstrate the vibrant results of sharing traditional know-how with a young generation.

Total immersion in mechanical art
Discover the human heart and hands behind mechanical objects

Enter an immersive, interactive space which plays with light, materials and transparency, and where movement takes centre stage. Prepare to be surprised and delighted as you operate the mechanical masterpieces yourself by winding a crank and watch these carefully crafted, intriguing installations come to life. Mesmerising and hypnotic, they are far more than the sum of their mechanical parts, showing how creative thinking and exquisite craftsmanship can create something that touches the soul. This absorbing exhibition demonstrates the very human, very warm nature of these kinetic artworks, and the poetic and fantastical world they create.

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